6,375 Animals collected last month - how your money helps

£25 a month

could be the difference between abuse and rescue. Your money will help fund:

  • trained RSPCA Inspectors
  • life-saving 24hr vets
  • legal prosecution against abusive owners

£5 a month

could save a starving dog like Harry and
pay for:

  • life-saving food
  • emergency medicine
  • warmth and care

£10 a month

could rescue an abused cat like Ella and help us provide:

  • emergency treatment
  • 24hr care
  • intensive rehabilitation

Coco was one of four pups from a litter born to a Rottweiler and rescued by the RSPCA at 10 weeks old.

The RSPCA was alerted to the pups' condition by a vet. A total of six dogs with severe and untreated mange were rescued during this case and Coco went on to make a full recovery.

Coco was homed at the RSPCAs centre in Birmingham before being adopted by a family. He is now a happy and healthy two year old dog in a loving home.

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